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This story was shared by Rev. Brian Cutshall at the Southern Ohio Church of God Prayer Conference on February 24, 2005.

The Church of God is a Pentecostal Denomination headquartered in Cleveland, TN. It is a leader in the Christian world, bringing millions to or Lord, Jesus Christ. and I am proud to be associated with it.

Journey up Sinai

The Story of a Minister's Ascent up Traditonal Mt. Sinai

sinai sunrise

Israel stood in awe, terrified to move, terrified to breathe as the mountain before them shook violently. At the summit, flames roared into the air. Thunder pealed and a shofar sounded with ever increasing intensity. Then—silence.

Just as suddenly, a voice crashed down the mountain. "I am the L-rd Your G-d Who brought you out of the Land of Egypt. Do Not have any other gods before me!" Israel trembled as God counted through each of His Ten Commandments. It would be an experience not soon forgotten

Three millenia later, a group of ministers stood at the foot of the traditional site of Mt. Sinai. Among them was Brain Cutshall of the Twin Rivers Church of God in St. Louis, MO. The sun had gone down and now they prepared for their ascent armed only with an Egyptian guide, flashlights, 45 minutes sleep, and each other. Rather than climbing the front of the mountain, the tourist side with manicured trails, they started up the back of the mountain. The leader of the group, Paul Walker of the Mt. Paran Church of God, warned his companions it would be a difficult and dangerous climb. He told them to be sure to put their feet exactly where the person ahead of them had put his.

Carefully, they climbed the mountain all night. Finally, they reached the top as the sun was rising. They stood, stunned at the beauty of the sunrise. Then they began the descent. On their way down, they saw their path bathed in the morning light. One by one they protested, "This can't be they way we came!" The guide reasssured them that this was the path they had taken.

One of them became overwhelmed by his fear of heights. He clung to the stone wall along the path crying. He said, "If I had known where you were taking me, I would have never come along."

As Rev. Cutshall told this story, he paused. "The Spirit of God quickened my spirit," he said. The pastor explained that's why God so often has to lead us in the dark. If He took us where He wanted us to go in the light, we might see the dangers. We might allow our hearts to be filled with fear. We might not follow.

We face many problems in our lives. The vicious faces. The angry faces. The gossips. The liars. The rebels. Still, the real dangers, the ones that would grip our heart with fear and freeze our faith in place, those dangers we never see. They are hidden from us by the mercy of God. If they were not, we would cling to the side of the path in terror, unable to advance, unable to serve. But we serve; we advance because we are lead in the dark through the dark one step at a time. We contiue by putting our feet where the foot ahead of us was. This foot is not the foot of an ordinary man. This foot has been this way before. The pierced foot belonged to Jesus, fully man and fully God—pierce to redeem us.

We have only to follow Him. He knows the way. He's been here before.

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, "I am the light of the world:
he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life"—John 8:12

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